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Luke Boxall is a worm farmer who sells worm poo in his business, Worm Soil.

Vermicast is worm poo's official name, and it's an agricultural product with huge potential - and as you will hear, Luke has got big ambitions for his new business which was a brainchild of lockdown.

Most importantly, Luke has never been happier - taking the leap and starting his own business, along with his wife Stephanie, has without doubt improved their quality of life as they build something that could genuinely revolutionise the way we farm in this country. 

They're on a mission to convince those who work with soil in the UK that chemicals aren't the future, and that their more natural product is something that could benefit their plants or crops for years to come - and, of course, the environment in general, something which continues to be something at the top of the news agenda.

You can find out more about Worm Soil on their website:


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