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Jenna Blair loves yoga - and it was her huge personal passion for yoga that inspired her to renovate a space and set up a full-time yoga studio.

Of course, the pandemic hit businesses like Jenna's like a ton of bricks - suddenly she couldn't invite people to her studio for classes, and instead had to quickly work out how to do this online.

She didn't just adapt to the situation, but she now still incorporates the technology she had to use to survive as an important part of her everyday business, and talks about how her hybrid classes are now here to stay.

The overwhelming feeling you'll be left with at the end of this conversation is that Jenna is hugely passionate about what she does, and has created the business as a vehicle to share her passion with the world - because she truly believes in the benefits of yoga, especially when we're in a situation like the one we're all in today.

You can find out more about Jenna on her website:


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