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Episode notes

If you hear a few thuds and bangs in this episode, it's because Kev's coffee roasters were getting set up for the day - and from looking at everything that was going on in the background on Zoom, there's definitely more to it than flicking on a switch!

Kev Burrow's passion for coffee started as a young boy in Wolverhampton, and it was whilst he was living in Australia that he realised how different coffee culture was between the UK and his new home. When he moved back to England, he knew he had an opportunity - and Iron & Fire was born.

Iron & Fire roasts coffee, but it also provides machinery to coffee shops so that they can roast their own coffee properly. Kev knows his products inside out, and he knows it so well because he has such a huge passion for the product itself - good quality coffee.

Iron & Fire is a local business in a global market - and global forces affect them hugely, such as the price of green beans. This conversation is a fascinating insight into a Shropshire business with a huge reach.

You can find out more about Iron & Fire on their website: