Masala Podcast / Is the Kamasutra relevant today - Seema Anand -S3 Ep6 – Masala Podcast

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Episode notes

“The Kamasutra was the first text to talk about independent female pleasure…”

Meet Seema Anand, a mythologist and storyteller, specialising in women’s narratives with a focus on the erotic literatures of Ancient India.

According to her, this book is the first text to talk about the Kamasutra as a platform of equality for women, to acknowledge their right to pleasure and to articulate their right to consent.

I loved chatting with Seema about the Kamasutra, a text from the third century CE, which is still relevant to the discussion around female sexuality in South Asian culture. We also talked about other South Asian mythologies and stories, many of which have women’s narratives at the heart of them.