Masala Podcast / Bad Betis take over + LGBTQ marriage proposal - Masala Podcast Live - S3 Ep12

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Episode notes

“The First Live LGBTQ Marriage Proposal, the sense of sisterhood, the love….”

This very special episode of Masala Podcast Live recorded at Kings Place London on Sat 11th Sept as part of the London Podcast Festival. Our Bad Betis took over Kings Place, we had a wonderful live audience. The sense of sisterhood and support across the room was electrifying.

We had four incredible guests. Raga D’Silva, LGBTQ activist. Farah Kabir, co-founder of female focussed sexual wellness brand HANX. Dr. Rageshri Dhairyawan, HIV and Sexual Health activist. As well as Dr. Tina Mistry, clinical psychologist specialising in South Asian mental health.

We had the first ever LGBTQ South Asian marriage proposal live on a podcast where guest Raga D’Silva proposed to their long-time partner Nicola Fenton. It was just so moving. We shed tears, we danced a little to some Indian Shaadi (wedding) music. We were witness to the most beautiful moment of love. Not just among the couple but also the huge love from the Masala Podcast community who turned up to support the podcast.