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Hey friends, it's Verona, your Macros and Mindset Coach. I help busy solopreneurs like you who are doing it all so that you can run your business AND eat right, feel right, and look great.
 “Verona really spoke to me & helped me realise, I wasn’t applying the same rules in my personal life & health journey as I am in my business. I’m very much fixed on my goals and my metrics, but it’s not translating over, that was really powerful to help me figure out why that is & how can I change!” - Rebecca Financial Coach. 
In this podcast, you’ll discover:
•Macro-tracking hacks to integrate between Zoom calls and client pitches.
•Decoding the macro mystery like you cracked the code to your successful startup.
•Quick meal prep strategies, because you don’t have a personal chef or time to spare.
•Tailored plans for the ‘always-on’ nature of your business and life.
Don’t let poor health be your startup’s downfall. Take actionable steps to improve your wellbeing without sacrificing business goals. Say goodbye to emotional eating triggered by late-night emails and hello to a balanced lifestyle that enhances your productivity.
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