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After humble beginngs in Northern Ireland and difficulty at school, Colin Murray's success was not a given. But his driving work ethic, intelligence and passion have delivered him to dizzying heights.

Throughout the 1990's he slid from the news room into music journalism, eventually finding himself on BBC Radio 1, where he broadcast to the nation for a decade. In 2003, he jumped onto our screens as one of the hosts of the breakfast show RI:SE on Channel 4 and, over time, became one of the go-to voices and youth of music, TV, and radio.

Since then he's moved to BBC Radio 5Live, and showcased a deep love and knowledge for sport, presenting for Match of The Day 2, Talk Sport and, of course, on his fantastic show, 'Fighting Talk' which he presents every Saturday morning at 11 o'clock.

It's clear that his career has blossomed, but he's chosen not to have a family or children. Now, at 45, is that a choice he still stands by? Are the physical changes of midlife breaking his stride? And how has he mellowed in his approach to life as a whole? 

We also hear from Alexis Willis, author of How Much Brain Do We Really Need? who explains what we can do to develop and protect our brain health, into midlife and beyond.