The Moon Under Water / Danny Wallace - The Huey Lewis

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Episode notes

Where do we begin when describing this week's guest? He’s a radio presenter, writer, filmmaker, comedian, actor, cult leader… the list goes on. But perhaps the best way of getting to know Danny Wallace is by inviting him to discuss his pub memories, desires and dreams whilst hunched over a pint at The Moon Under Water. Danny knows how to paint a picture with words, and in creating his dream alehouse he fully hypnotised John and Robin. There’s talk of “magic” beers, losing his warm regional accent (something that John reiterates really could have given him a foot up in the voice over game) and wine tasting escapades.  After listening to this you’ll ask yourself “Do I want to visit Danny Wallace’s dream pub?” and there will only be one answer: “Yes, man!”.  Want to contact the Landlord? Email [email protected]  

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