The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod / Jake Boly — Pros & Cons of Independence, Fostering Better Relationships, & Two Dudes Being Vulnerable | MTFP Ep.128

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Episode notes

I was so happy to have the opportunity to talk to my man, Jake. We met through Instagram and actually got the chance to meet up in person when I was living in NYC. We had coffee, walked around the city, and really hit it off. Just like that chat, this one was effortless. And as the title suggests, things got pretty vulnerable, which only made it that much better. Jake has his CSCS and a M.S. in Sports Science, he's the creator of a variety of products and courses, and is super jacked (and he's a pretty cool guy).

We covered:

-His Ten Thousand Gear business retreat

-The impact of investing in a community

-Having a chip on your shoulder and being independent

-Asking for help

-Experiencing things without feeling the need to film it

-Travel routine pros and cons

-The tradeoffs of not being present

-Transactional relationships

-Jake's nomadic lifestyle

-We share our flaws in romantic relationships

-We go very deep

-Ways to stop tying our self-worth to our work

-Cycles of emotions

-Why pets are so amazing

-My hack for creating more positivity in life

-And much more!

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