The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod / Sue Bush — Personal Energy Management, Why Kindness Wins, & The Point of Working Hard | MTFP Ep.112

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Episode notes

This is Sue's second appearance on the podcast and she brought some—albeit calm and collected—hot fire to this conversation. Sue and I went to college together, so it's been such a treat watching her thrive and flourish in our industry. She's hard-working, kind, and knows her shit, so she deserves every bit of her success. For those who don't know, Sue is part-owner of Physique Development, an online personal training company between her, Alex Bush (her hubby), and Austin Current. They coach physique athletes and general lifestyle clients, and they're some of the best in the biz, so I'm happy to call each of them a friend.

In this episode, we cover:

-Her background and our relationship (we went to college together)

-Exciting future plans for her company, "Physique Development"

-The making of her new cookbook and why it will actually help people

-Why specific knowledge can "unlock" insights others can't access

-Her dog hits a random soundboard in the middle of the show

-What it's like starting a podcast

-How medical THC use has helped Sue not feel overwhelmed and run her business

-Handling work/life balance after she got burnt out

-The importance of hard stops for separating work and life

-How security (financial, status, etc) can be addicting

-How she shifted her mindset for abundant success

-The reward of creating jobs for her employees

-Acting despite being uncertain

-What she's working so hard towards

-How Katy (Hearn) and Hayden Schneider have helped them through the years

-The importance of friends who genuinely support you

-How kindness is practical and the best marketing strategy

-Our love for stand-up comedy

-And much more!

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