The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod / [REPLAY] Carter Good — Escaping Hustle Culture, The Craftsman-Driven Mindset, & What Determines Success? | MTFP Ep.88

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No new episode for this week, so we're throwing it back to one of my favorite episodes with one of my favorite people, Carter Good. This was an absolute banger of an episode. He returns to the podcast after a hiatus away and reminded me why I chose him as my very first guest on The More Than Fitness Podcast. If you scroll back, you'll see Carter on episode 3. Many episodes later and we're chatting again, both in different locations than the first time—he was in Columbus, OH and is now in Austin, TX and I was in Lexington, KY, now in New York City—but we're still connecting in the same way we did in that very first conversation.

In this episode, we cover his recent move to Austin with his girlfriend Kaylin, what it's taught him and why he's not running away from his problems like he has in the past, why surrounding yourself with different types of people is good for you, how to learn from role models that are living the life you want to live, the science of happiness, the evolution of hard work as you get older and priorities change, why hustle is so important when you first start a career, the importance of stopping and reflecting before moving forward, craftsman-driven mindset and purpose-driven mindset, comparing yourself to others, and much, much more!

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