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I enjoyed making this podcast because it has a nice mix of broad advice with specific, tangible advice. I shared it with my email newsletter last week (you can sign up here) and received solid feedback, so I hope you enjoy it. In this episode, I cover one habit that encourages you to reward healthy behaviors you want to repeat. Then, I break down two routines that I use each day to be more productive and improve my well-being. Lastly, I end the podcast with three specific gadgets I use to get more work done, enhance my environment, manage my money, and ensure you always purchase the best alcohol. Like I said, there's a nice mix here. But I think you'll get a lot out of it if you listen to the end. Enjoy!

Gadgets and Apps Mentioned:

Digital Kitchen Timer

Anker Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Waking Up (you can get 30 days free by using this link. I don't get a kickback.)

Mint App - Apple | Android

Vivino App - Apple | Android

Distiller App - Apple | Android

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