The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod / Steve Kamb — Traveling The World For $400, How To Level Up Your Life, & Steve's "Epic Quest of Awesome" | MTFP Ep.110

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I've been a fan of Steve's and his work for a while now, so I was pumped for this one. Steve is the founder of, which regularly gets 1.5 million visitors each month and has been helping nerds get fit since 2009. Steve also has a best-selling book called "Level Up Your Life" and the Nerd Fitness company is now a full team of 25+ fitness coaches. I'm a sucker for people who are all-in on being themselves, and Steve proudly represents his fellow nerds everywhere.

In this episode, we cover:

-Steve's origin story of wanting to help nerds get in shape

-How he left his 9-5 construction sales job

-Why he created an "Epic Quest of Awesome" for himself

-How he traveled the world for $400

-Why young people feel compelled to travel

-Living his own "Hero's Journey"

-Flying a stunt plane

-Meeting Mark Manson

-How to get started with lofty goals

-How his priorities have changed as he's gotten older

-How he decides what is worth doing

-What he's excited about in the future

-"What am I optimizing for right now?"

-What's making him feel "alive" on a daily basis

-What to do next?

-And much more!

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