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Miguel is back for his second appearance on the podcast (last was Ep.53) and he absolutely blew me away with some of the things he said in this one. Miguel is currently on his path to get a PhD in clinical psychology, currently as a Master's student at Columbia University with a BSc. at McGill University in nutritional biochemistry. He's top three smartest dudes I know and an absolute top-notch guy. He's also done plenty of work in the fitness industry with conducting and interpreting the cutting-edge science in the field with leading experts. We don't cover too much fitness in this one, but it was a goldmine of knowledge nonetheless. You won't be disappointed.

In this chat, we cover (in order):

-Miguel's background and interests

-What he's learned from his new romantic relationship

-Radical honesty vs true vulnerability

-Characteristics of truly intelligent people

-Understanding the "shadow" of yourself and others

-Miguel's pursuit of getting his PhD in Clinical Psychology

-His aspirations to write a book and create content around psychology and philosophy

-The psychological significance of the Bible

-What happens to your thoughts and memories when you experience betrayal

-Dante's Inferno and the Hero's Journey

-Metacognition and identifying what you truly value

-How to figure out who you are and ask yourself hard questions

-Miguel's 3-layer process for self-reflection

-Carl Rogers "On Becoming A Person"

-What happens to your anxiety, sense of self, and well-being when you lie

-Why people turn towards drugs, sex, porn, etc. for "artificial meaning"

-Miguel's advice for getting your shit together

-Why Miguel isn't a fan of Tim Ferriss, Cal Newport, and Ryan Holiday

-Books he recommends for philosophy 101

-And more!

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