The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod / DrunkCast Q&A #10 | MTFP Ep.115

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For those of you who are new here: Every once in a while, I like to do a podcast where I answer your questions on nutrition, workouts, career, skills, alcohol, life, money, and whatever else you can think—whilst sipping some bourbon. Sometimes, a lot of bourbon.

For the rest of youse: you know how these go. Enjoy!


(4:00) Q1 (part 1) - Recommendation for good workout shoes?

(6:24) Q1 (part 2) - How do I keep my feet from getting busted from working out?

(8:36) Q2 - What is your definition of yo-yo dieting? How do you view a little weight gain over the holidays? If I lose 10lbs, gain it over the holidays, and lose it in January every year, is this yo-yo dieting?

(14:10) Q3 - I'm studying for the bar and even taking an hour out of my day to workout makes me feel so guilty. How do I get over this and utilize that time as stress relief?

(19:26) Q4 - What's the "end goal" for you? Do you think you'll do fitness forever?

(25:47) Q5 - When you see pictures of super lean, competition-ready Matt, does that affect you mentally in any way? Do you ever wish you were that lean or jacked, or are the trade-offs so far from worth it that it doesn't phase you? If seeing them does bring up negative emotions for you, what do you say to yourself to level yourself back out?

(30:50) Q6 - What's your biggest regret?

(36:44) Q7 - Aside from the obvious, why are rest days important? Should I refrain from any exercise on these wonderful days?

(40:46) Q8 - What is a character trait you admire in others that you don't have yourself?

(43:55) Q9 - What are the most valuable lessons & experiences playing football on a team gave you?

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