The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod / Jared Hamilton — Cigars, Bourbon, & A Beautiful Live Chat Between Two Buds | MTFP Ep.120

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Episode notes

This was a very special in-person podcast with Jared because it took place in my parents' backyard in the house I grew up in. I've never had the opportunity to show another "Internet friend" my hometown until the day we recorded this episode. I've also never smoked a cigar, which is evident by my smoking technique in the video, so it was a podcast full of first experiences. It was also full of some incredibly fun and thoughtful conversation.

In this episode, we cover:

-Our amazing day before the podcast

-The importance of enhancing experiences in life

-Meeting people in-person vs who they are online

-Who we would freak out meeting

-Why guys feel "compelled" to do manly things

-Expectations as a child

-Using jiu-jitsu to increase confidence

-The issue most cops won't tell you

-Why people love Nate Diaz

-The importance of curse words

-Why it's so crucial to be as real as possible on social media

-Why imposter syndrome can lead to growth

-People being addicted to drama and self-sabotage

-Why we crave familiarity over happiness

-The concept of "beginning again" and re-focusing

-"Snapping" into a different person

-How perspective shifted once COV*D came

-Joe Rogan's "Be The Hero Of Your Own Movie"

-Letting your old self die

-Being kinder to yourself

-The paradox of feeling fear and courage at the same time

-Accepting negative emotions

-Practical application for getting out of a rut

-Why Jared doesn't want kids (right now)

-and much more!

NOTE: Apologies for the video stopping around the 60-minute mark—we ran out of battery. But, enjoy the cute animals.

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