No Stairway / Episode 5 - Great Opening Tracks from Albums

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Episode notes

Here at No Stairway we are often accused of starting well and quickly fading - from P.E. teachers to wives and girlfriends, it has very much been the story of our lives. This week strong openings are our main concern, said the Bishop to the choir, as we investigate the best first songs on albums. In this episode Carl is outed as a luddite, Bill is outed as a Hall and Oates fanatic and Tim inadvertently votes himself out of the Pulp Appreciation Society. Be warned of the usual coarse language - we are an unapologetically warm blooded set of nerds and swear words are often our only outlet.

This Week’s Playlists:




The Golden Shuffle:

So, if like us, you like starting but are unsure how to finish properly, just press play and see how it goes.