No Stairway / Episode 6 - Food and Drink

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Episode notes

“Please, Sirs, can we have some more?” you may well have asked. Yes, of course you may, our young Dickensian friends! We have plenty of No Stairway to gorge upon this week as we theme our playlists around food, glorious food, and a drink or three. There’s lots to chew on here as Carl realises that lamb chops are a foodstuff, Tim burns his bridges with his former friends at the “Butty Van” and Bill hints at a dark incident from his past involving some kind of tinned fruit…

This Week’s Playlists:

Bill's playlist 

Carl's playlist

Tim's playlist

The Golden Shuffle

Come join us - waddle on down with a hamburger in one hand and an ice cream scoop in the other and give yourself a well deserved tummy ache.