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The Power of Mentorship and Advocating for Diversity with Sophia Iqbal

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Episode notes

Ever wondered how having a mentor can change your career trajectory? Sophia's experience answers that, highlighting the incredible value of mentorship.

The dynamic Sophia Iqbal joins us, sharing her fascinating journey through the tech industry, with all its victories and challenges. She's a beacon of resilience, having faced and surmounted many barriers common to early professionals, especially ethnically diverse women. 

Sophia's journey will inspire and motivate you, shedding light on the importance of challenging barriers and advocating for diversity in the professional world. So, are you ready for an enlightening and inspiring conversation?

Listen to learn:
The barriers that early professionals face
🎙 The pivotal moment of meeting her mentor
🎙 How to make the most of opportunities
🎙 The importance of advocating for diversity

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