#NotAboutUpod with Jamal, Marianne and Cousin Todd / 078 - Part 2 - Director Richard Dinner dies at 91 - Marjorie Taylor Greene, Who Compared Democrats To Nazis, Complains That She’s Been Compared To Nazis

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Episode notes

  1. Director Richard Dinner dies at 91. Responsible for the "Lethal Weapon" franchise. "Superman" "The Goonies"
  2. Flight to Bahamas canceled after students refuse to wear masks. A flight to the Bahamas leaving from North Carolina was canceled after a group of students refused to wear masks during the trip. American Airlines Flight 893 to Nassau, Bahamas, was set to depart Monday when a group of more than 30 high school students started a mask protest that went on for hours, a local Fox News station reported. The flight had reportedly experienced mechanical issues at first, prompting the travelers to switch planes and further delay their trip. Following the switch, the students allegedly caused a commotion. “All they had to do was follow the rules, put the mask on, sit there. No smart-mouth comments. And they couldn’t do it,” passenger Christina Randolph told Fox News.
  3. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Who Compared Democrats To Nazis, Complains That She’s Been Compared To Nazis Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who compared Covid-19 restrictions in the Capitol building to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust, and who also denounced a potential door-to-door vaccination campaign as an insidious effort by government Nazi “Brownshirts,” complained Wednesday night that she’s been smeared as a Nazi. On Newsmax, Greene addressed Donald Trump’s all-but-certain-to-fail lawsuit against Facebook, Google, and Twitter over “illegal, shameful censorship of the American people.” Greene claimed that tech companies are infringing on conservatives’ freedom of speech. She also griped that she and others have been smeared as Nazis. For the past four to five years, we’ve heard the media slander us as Nazis, fascists, deplorables, Neanderthals, and all kinds of nasty names, and that’s how they treat the president that we have grown to absolutely love and seriously miss him. But here’s the deal. Conservatives on Twitter and on Facebook, not only are we banned or suspended or completely kicked off and never allowed back on for speaking our political beliefs and speaking our minds, but we are treated as if we’re second class citizens for holding these opinions.
  4. Guy Who Called Black Neighbor Racial Slur Challenges People To 'Come See Me'—And They Did In Droves. a New Jersey man went viral for all the wrong reasons when his racist, slur-laden tirade was caught on video and posted online. The video showed as the man, 45-year-old Cagney Mathews, shouted the N-word at his Black neighbor and called his family, "monkeys." Realizing he was being filmed, Mathews proudly shouted out his address and taunted prospective online viewers. "3602