#NotAboutUpod / 052 - Part 1 - Brad Penman #4

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Episode notes

Today's Guest: Brad Penman


  1. States With the Most Hate Groups
    1. I will read you the top 17 states with many hate groups.
    2. https://247wallst.com/special-report/2021/02/13/states-with-the-most-hate-groups-3/2/
  2. Thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s New Special
    1. Todd and Marianne share their thoughts on the special.
  3. Movie Buff on Nah?
    1. Jamal shares a list of movies he’s never seen. Can he call himself a true movie buff or not?
    2. The list may surprise you.
  4. Conspiracy Theories.
    1. We share conspiracy theories that were the most outrageous. This should be very interesting.