01-24-2023 - no guest

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Jamal Harrington, Co-Host
Marianne Reilly, Co-Host
Cousin Todd Sellers, Co-Host, Tech Guy
Guest, No Guest

  • With M&M’s 'Spokescandies' On 'Indefinite Pause,' Maya Rudolph Is 'Thrilled' To Be Taking Over
  • Delta Air Lines Attendant Comforts Woman On Charlotte Flight.
  • Adult Swim Cuts Ties With 'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Justin Roiland As He Faces Domestic Violence Charges
  • Community Movie Begins Filming in June, Joel McHale Reveals.
  • 2023 Oscar Nominations…And Snubs
  • Random Question (New Segment)
  • Binge Watching
  • That’s A Wrap
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