5-2-23 Today's Guest - Compton J. Smith

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Comedian, producer. Panama City, Florida

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  1. Man breaks penis performing ‘world’s most dangerous sex position’

    1. An Indonesian man had to undergo emergency surgery after fracturing his penis while performing a notoriously risky sex position — which left him with an “eggplant” phallus.

    2. The freak accident occurred while the unnamed 37-year-old male was reportedly having intercourse in the “reverse cowgirl” position, in which the woman is on top facing away from her partner.

    3.  Things went south after the man suddenly heard a loud cracking sound followed by “pain discomfort and immediate loss of erection.”

    4. The patient began bleeding out of the tip of his penis and found himself unable to urinate.

    5. The unfortunate soul had also suffered a severe hematoma — an injury to the wall of the blood vessel — which had caused blood to leak out into the surrounding tissue, which is why he’d urinated plasma before.

    6. Thankfully, surgeons were able to go in and repair the patient’s fractured member without incident, after which they stitched up his urethra and bandaged the wound. They then conducted an “artificial erection test” to determine that there was no leakage or abnormal “curvature of the penis.”

The patient’s member didn’t present either complication, although it was still blue three days later after the bandages were removed.

  1. Kevin Smith Shares Childhood Trauma

    1. Filmmaker Kevin Smith is a celebrity pretty well known for being candid about his personal challenges, especially when it comes to health and well-being. After suffering from a heart attack back in Feb 2018, the “Clerks” director has made his weight loss journey and the insights from it a major part of his presence online. You’d be hard pressed to find a fan that didn’t know about this part of his life.

    2. Kevin Smith revealed for the first time that the root cause of his previous weight struggles had been related to sexual abuse he experienced at 6 years old, when an older boy forced him to perform sexual acts with a young girl in the neighborhood.

    3. Smith always denied the gravity of the incident, telling himself that "we were just playing doctor in an alleyway." It wouldn’t be until the age of 52, after checking into Arizona's Sierra Tucson treatment center and dedicating a month to intensive therapy, that Smith would learn the event was indeed severe and left him with an untreated psychological wound.

    4. After talking with a therapist, he learned that the incident, along with being made fun of for his weight by a teacher in grade school, led him to create a "larger-than-life" public persona he calls "the other guy.”

  2. Jerry Springer Dies At 79

    1. Longtime television host and former mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Springer died from pancreatic cancer

    2. Springer once told CNN that he did not mind being referred to as the “grandfather of trash TV,” saying in 2010, as “The Jerry Springer Show” celebrated its 20th anniversary on the air: “It’s probably accurate. I don’t know what the award for that is, but I think it is true that we were probably one of the first shows to present some of the outrageousness we have.”

    3. Nine states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington—and the District of Columbia currently offer paid family and medical leave. 

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