Diaz Mackie

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  • Jamal Harrington, Co-Host
  • Marianne Reilly, Co-Host
  • Cousin Todd Sellers, Co-Host, Tech Guy
  • Guest: Diaz Mackie (Comedian)

Getting To Know Diaz Mackie

  • Interviewing Mr. Mackie

Top 5

  • Happiest states in the U.S.

"Puppy Play In The Relationship"

Idris Elba Not Interested In “Bond”

Garbage People

  • Jamal reads this week's list.

Brett Favre’s texts included in lawsuit over misspent Mississippi welfare funds

  • Text messages released as part of a civil lawsuit related to misspent welfare funds in Mississippi allegedly show former Gov. Phil Bryant worked to help former NFL and Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre obtain funds to build a volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi.

James Earl Jones Steps Down From Vader

  • James Earl Jones, who for decades has provided Darth Vader’s iconic, menacing voice, will not record new lines for new “Star Wars” projects.