#NotAboutUpod with Jamal, Marianne and Cousin Todd / 079 - Our Guest is Ken Carlson and we talk about his Kickstarter "Hellbound Slant 6 #2"

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Episode notes

"Hellbound Slant 6 #2"

  • After battling the hotel-clerk demon in her room and ending him with her trusty sawed-off shotgun, Danielle stares down the infamous Allister Crowley. He tells her one thing - She is in HELL.
  • Hellbound Slant 6 #2 continues the story of Danielle's descent into the netherworld in the driver's seat of her Panther Pink Dodge Demon, the perfect car for her race against time. See, the clock is ticking - Danielle's estranged mother is dying, and all Danielle wants is to be with her mother one last time before she's gone. The only thing that stands in her way are legions of demons led by a fallen angel that usurped Hell's throne from Satan. You'll get to learn a bit more about what is going on with THAT whole situation!