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Foreign Agent Episode 6: One Last Job

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Episode notes

By the 1990s, a faction of Irish republicans were turning away from militancy and setting their sights on peace. A political future for the campaign would require more money, more lobbying, and even deeper engagement with the United States – though not with Irish Northern Aid, now tainted by its long association with the IRA. Instead, Noraid was wound down, causing splits and divisions that linger to this day.

Yet the IRA’s American support group has had a strange afterlife, as Nate Lavey investigates in the final episode of Foreign Agent. With the Good Friday Agreement in the rear view mirror, did Noraid help the IRA on one last job?

The interview with Michael Flannery is part of the NYU Oral History Archive of Irish America. The interview with Brendan Hughes is from the film Voices from the Grave and is courtesy of Ed Moloney, and the interview with George Harrison was recorded by Matthew Siegfried in 2004.

Thanks to: Dov Weinryb Grosghal, Arielle Angel, Wilson Sherwin, Josh Nathan-Kazis, Sam McBride, Zach Vary, Donal Foreman, Colin Archdeacon, Chelsea Converse, Claire Devoogd, Corey Eastwood, Michael Casper, Steven Methven, Peter Smith, and Jess MilNeil

Hosted by Nate Lavey
Produced by Nate Lavey and Michael McCanne
Original music by Matt Huxley