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Downstream: Is the World Really Run by a ‘Leftist Elite?’ w/ Matthew Goodwin

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Everyone rails against the elite, but who are they? The left would say it’s the billionaires, the media barons, the oil tycoons, and the 1% – those who control our economy, our housing, and basic necessities. However, the right increasingly insists on the existence of a “new elite” of woke corporations, “social justice warrior” celebrities, and snowflake university graduates.

From headlines and social media feeds to TV screens, whether it’s some fringe YouTuber or the home secretary, you can’t escape it. On Downstream, Aaron takes on one of the proponents of this theory, Matthew Goodwin, a professor of politics at the University of Kent whose latest book – Values, Voice, and Virtue: The New British Politics – has been received glowingly by Britain’s establishment media.