October Jones & Fish with Legs

By octoberandfish
October & Fish is a fantasy adventure audio drama with short, easy-to-digest episodes featuring a full cast, original music, and sound design. It stars a misguided teenage girl and a blindly optimistic fish with legs. When they meet by chance, our mismatched besties must fumble their way to heroism to stop Simon & Sarfunkel, the evil two-headed snake trying to end the world. Along the way, they run into a gallery of absurd characters--like Muscular Giraffe, Bees in a Trench Coat, and Manfred Splainer the Mighty. With the power of friendship, they persevere through wacky situations, whimsical new locations, and the oppression of the totalitarian human government. A chaotic good series that flouts the forces of racist colonialism and makes critical yet hopeful commentary on the world we live in. Fun for adults, and kids!

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