The Offside Rule / Should you ever go back to your ex?

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Episode notes

Kait Borsay, Lynsey Hooper, and Hayley McQueen are here to help you with the transition from lockdown to stadium as parts of the UK are allowed to head back to football!

This week:

  • Topic 1 - Fifa may have released their “The Best” awards nominations this week, so we're talking about the players who have excelled in lockdown and the best matches too.
  • Topic 2 - Should you go back to your ex? - As Steve Mclaren returns to Derby, we look at other players and coaches who have returned to their former clubs
  • Topic 3 - Baby, it's cold outside - tips for getting back to football and keeping warm
  • AOB - Bad Barca, freaky footwear, and stolen faces

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