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Our Clients Are Our Best Teachers: an OTP Evaluation

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My guests for this epsiode are: Dana Soloman, Lisa Loveless, Carolinne Bradley and Jessica Ekberg. 
This is part of a 3 part series. Here's a link to the other episodes:

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Bios of my Guests
Ekberg of the The Pelvic Connection
IG @jessekbergpelvicfloor
Facebook: The Pelvic Connection 

She has been an OT for 23 years, and have worked in almost every setting all over the country. She discovered Pelvic floor therapy through her own issues specifically after her daughter was born trying to get back to running and started getting plantar fasciitis, knee and low back pain. Ironically enough,  she has been peeing her pants since She was in her20’s.  She is now a proud former pants pee’er! However once she started my deep dive, she  fell in love with PFT, it made changes in me that she had not expected and the best part is that it is a whole body approach. She admits the field can be difficult to feel confident in a times but it’s just such a perfect fit for OT. She now has my own business which allows her to take a little more time to evaluate patients. She constantly learning and adapting her evaluations/sessions to meet the needs of her clients. 

 Lisa Loveless of Next Level Therapy 

Where to find her on social media:
Email: [email protected] for 1:1 online mentoring.

She is the  cofounder of Next Level Therapy and, outside of our Medicare caseload, she is a  primarily a cash based, private, outpatient practice.  Next Level Therapy was stablished 4.5 years ago and we currently have 3 practice locations.  At her clinic, they treat all genders.  After working for big clinic systems and working in rehab director positions, she went back to pure treatment with focus on pelvic floor and am loving every minute of it.  Her patient interventions are strongly manual based while focusing holistically on every patient.  After years of personal fertility issues, her pride and joy arrived and she is now 20 years old.  Her daughter is the reason that one of her passions include working with women struggling with their own fertility.  In her free time, you can find her either on my bike, lifting weights, or training for a marathon.

Carolinne Bradley of Probility Physical Therapy 

Where to find her on social media

Carolinne Bradley via facebook or instagram 

As people like to say She is  “All the things” and lifelong learner- she is an