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418: Melissa Leon - Efficiency Beyond Fitness: Taking It To Your Business and Life

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Efficiency Beyond Fitness: Taking It To Your Business and Life

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In this podcast episode of "Over 40 Fitness Hacks," Brad Williams interviews Melissa Leon from Efficiency Bitch Podcast. Brad, a personal trainer specializing in assisting the over-40 demographic, explores Melissa's journey from her corporate job to becoming a pocket CFO and accounting consultant.

Melissa explains her transition, triggered by a calling she felt in 2019 after 17 years in the luxury hotel industry. She developed a passion for aiding small businesses, starting by assisting friends with their accounting needs. With the onset of COVID-19, Melissa expanded her help to struggling small businesses dealing with government loans and financial distress.

This experience led her to co-found Two Cents Consulting with Leanne, focusing on providing a unique, more approachable perspective to accounting for businesses. They specialize in forecasting, budgeting, and guiding businesses through unforeseen challenges, aiming to make financial reports practical decision-making tools rather than mere tax documents.

Brad shares his own experience trying to handle various aspects of his gym business, realizing the value of delegating tasks to experts to focus on core strengths. Melissa emphasizes the importance of delegating, automating, and eliminating tasks for efficiency.

They discuss how outsourcing tasks, such as cleaning services for households, can provide significant time savings and better quality of life. Melissa suggests that prioritizing tasks allows for more time for things like exercise and self-care.

Towards the end, Melissa provides contact information for Efficiency Bitch, her consulting firm, and highlights the importance of time management and efficiency in various aspects of life beyond just fitness.

The conversation reveals the significance of delegating tasks, the value of focusing on strengths, and the impact of efficient time management in both business and personal life.

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