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411: Michelle Zellner - Being A Better Being - Healthy Lifestyle Tips With Michelle 

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Being A Better Being - Healthy Lifestyle Tips With Michelle 

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Michelle Zellner - Better Beings Podcast


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In this podcast transcript, Brad Williams of Over 40 Fitness Hacks interviews Michelle Zellner from Better Beings. They discuss their daily routines and healthy eating habits. Michelle emphasizes that she doesn't have cheat days and instead makes mindful food choices every day. She explains her typical day, starting at 5 or 6 a.m., with a focus on regular, substantial meals rather than traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner labels.

Michelle shares her meal choices, which often include grain bowls, protein shakes, salads, hummus, vegetables, and various snacks throughout the day. They discuss the importance of eating healthy and debunk the myth that it's expensive compared to dining out.

Brad and Michelle both emphasize the significance of movement and finding simple ways to stay active, like walking and using fitness trackers. They highlight that small, consistent steps can have a positive impact on one's health.

The conversation touches on the benefits of not sitting too much, even incorporating ankle-based fitness trackers. They talk about using stairs and walking for physical activity.

The podcast interview ends with Brad and Michelle encouraging listeners to make small, achievable changes in their daily routines to improve their health and well-being. Michelle's contact information and podcast are also mentioned.

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