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Myth-Busting: Is Muscle Damage the Best for Muscle Growth? | PD Podcast Ep.71

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Episode notes

We are diving back into our myth-busting series today! Have you ever experienced painful muscle soreness? We definitely have. BUT—muscle soreness doesn't always translate to more muscle growth. Listen in as Sue, Alex, and Austin share their personal experiences with muscle soreness, and go into detail on muscle damage, soreness, and growth.

As always, it is our goal not only to supply you, the listener, with valuable insights on the topics or questions but also to plant some seeds for further research and thought. Without further ado, let's get into today's episode.


(0:00) Intro

(0:24) When was the first time we experienced truly painful muscle soreness?

(9:35) What exactly is muscle damage?

(14:00) What causes muscle damage?

(18:29) More muscle damage/soreness means more muscle growth, right?

(22:06) Is muscle damage something we consider when writing a training program?

(29:38) Are there certain times where we seek out muscle soreness/damage within training?

(32:44) What are some tactics for ensuring muscle damage?

(41:59) Does soreness always mean muscle damage?

(47:52) Key Takeaways — When is muscle damage expected and appropriate? When is it too much?

(56:55) Final thoughts & wrap-up

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