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Improving Mental Health in High-Stress Professions: Lessons from Dr. Stephanie Stoddart

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Episode notes

In this episode, Dr. mOe Anderson has an insightful conversation with Dr. Stephanie Stoddart, a Jamaican immigrant, and accomplished dentist in the U.S., who shares her journey of resilience, overcoming challenges, and the importance of mental health in the dentistry profession. Dr. Stoddart provides a unique perspective on the profession, combining her dental expertise with a Healthcare MBA and Lean Six Sigma certification. She also emphasizes the importance of self-care, especially in high-stress professions like dentistry.

Listen and learn how being aligned with your purpose can help you ban burnout from your professional life!

Episode Chapters & Time Stamps:

(0:00:06) - Oral Health Care and Access (14 Minutes) Dr. Stoddart shares her journey from Jamaica to the U.S, her challenges as an international student, and her insights on the state of oral health care in the U.S.

(0:13:40) - Challenges and Stress in Dental Practice (6 Minutes) Exploring the high-stress environment in dentistry caused by factors like Medicaid reimbursement rates and no-show rates, and how to manage the stress.

(0:20:08) - Mental Health and Health Equity Emphasis (12 Minutes) The importance of recognizing and seeking help for mental health issues is discussed, with Dr. Stoddart sharing her own experiences and the impact of the pandemic on mental health awareness.

(0:32:35) - Skills and Negotiating Employment Terms (10 Minutes) Discussion on how Dr. Stoddart's Healthcare MBA and Lean Six Sigma certification contribute to her organization, and the importance of negotiating employment terms.

(0:42:52) - Prioritizing Time and Setting Boundaries (3 Minutes) The significance of self-care, setting boundaries, and reaching out for support in high-stress professions is explored.

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