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Life Design, Vulnerability, and Conquering Challenges: A Conversation with Shana Francesca

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Episode notes

In this enlightening episode, Shana Francesca, a speaker, writer, and interior design expert shares her journey from an abusive cult upbringing to becoming a creative force in the area of intentional living. Using her challenging past as a springboard, Shana educates listeners on how to design not only their physical spaces but also their personal development. She shares how principles of design can be applied in everyday life, her belief in the power of setting intentions, and the importance of curiosity and respect in relationships. Shana also talks about the name of her business, Concinnate, and how it reflects her commitment to intentional living.

Memorable Quote:
"Freedom is a responsibility. Your freedom cannot infringe on someone else's. And so there is a deep amount of curiosity and research and respect and accountability that is required in living life by your own rules."
- Shana Francesca

Short Episodes:

  1. Life Design, Vulnerability, and Overcoming Adversity (0:00:00)
  2. Designing An Authentic Life (0:09:54)
  3. Living by Your Own Rules With Curiosity (0:20:21)
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