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Unlocking the Power of Alternative Investments: Diversifying Income with Fred Moskowitz

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Episode notes

In this episode, we delve into the world of alternative investments with seasoned expert, Fred Moskowitz. Host, Dr. mOe Anderson, and Fred explore how to build multiple streams of passive income away from traditional Wall Street offerings.

Key Points Discussed:
-Introduction to Fred Moskowitz and his transition from a career in computer engineering to investing.
-An overview of alternative investments and their differences from traditional Wall Street offerings.
- Discussion on the power of alternative investments in building wealth and providing flexibility in life.
- Deep dive into different types of investments like real estate, mortgage notes, small businesses, and royalties from patents and digital products.
- The impact of the recent pandemic on the importance of diversifying income sources.
- Risks associated with having a single income source.

- The benefits of investing in mortgage notes.
- The option of investing in a professionally managed note fund for busy professionals.
- Using retirement account funds for alternative investments and the rules and regulations surrounding it.

Chapter Breakdown:

(0:00:01) - Understanding Alternative Investments
(0:07:00) - Exploring Alternative Income Sources
(0:20:21) - Investing in Mortgage Notes
(0:30:00) - Investing in Alternative Investments for Retirement

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Connect with Fred: Text: Keyword 'money' to 215-461-4433

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