Perpetual mOetion With Dr mOe Anderson

Conquering Social Anxiety through Active Listening

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Episode notes

In this episode of Perpetual mOetion, our host explores the transformative power of active listening with guest Robin Shyne, an author and educator who overcame social anxiety to lead an authentic life. They delve into her past, discuss her experience with emotional expression, and how active listening became a catalyst for her personal and professional breakthrough. Robin shares how she applies active listening in her classroom and provides practical advice and strategies for better communication.

  1. (0:00:01) - Improving Communication and Overcoming Social Anxiety
  2. (0:15:54) - Active Listening in Education's Impact
  3. (0:24:52) - Adventures in Compassion
  4. (0:33:34) - Compassion and 365 Brothers Podcast Adventures
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