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The Love Language of Pets

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Episode notes

Emma Barton, along with pop star turned farmer, JB Gill and Becky Skyrme; Animal Behaviourist at Blue Cross, delve into the myriad of weird and wonderful ways that pets show affection, solicit love and attention, and let their owners know they’re happy. From dogs to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and even horses, this episode explores the sounds and behaviours that indicate your pet’s own unique love language. Becky Skyrme shares her expert knowledge into animal behaviours and provides the listeners with an insight into what their four-legged friends might be trying to tell them: “There are individual differences, and you do become tuned in to your own pet and their little quirks and ways. But there are certainly some general signs as well to look out for. “Anything to do with their bodies, the tail being an obvious one – a loose, sweeping, wagging tail from side to side is generally an indicator that a dog is happy or excited about what’s happening.”  

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