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Ask The Vet: Does My Pet Get Allergies?

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Episode notes

In the second episode of our bonus ‘Ask The Vet’ mini-series, Emma Barton and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay, delve into the topic of pets and allergies. Have you ever wondered if your dog suffers with hayfever, or what to do if your pet has a food allergy? In this episode, Caroline, along with Emma and her furry co-host, Poppy Dog, discuss what pet owners can do to keep their pet pals healthy and safe all year round. Humans are not the only ones to suffer with allergies - our four-legged friends do too. Allergies can be caused by many different environment factors and, depending on the cause and your dog’s reaction, can be managed in various ways.  From food and skin to flea allergies, The Petcast’s ‘Ask The Vet’ episodes will give listeners the best tips, tricks and guidance for all pets. Top Tips for Pet Allergies - Do you think your dog suffers from any food or skin allergies? Check out this guide for advice:  - Feline asthma is an immunity-related condition and can be triggered by an allergy or stress. Find out more here:   

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