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TV personality, Nicola McLean, and Blue Cross’s Pet Bereavement Support Service Manager, Diane James, join Emma Barton to explore the incredible link between pets and our mental health. Over the last year, there has been a marked increase in the number of people struggling with their mental health because of the pandemic. To help those who may be feeling the effects, Emma and her guests will be touching upon how owning a pet can boost our mental wellbeing and the benefits of having pets in work environments and retirement homes, whilst also looking into how a pet owner’s own mental health can impact their pets. Delving deeper into the amazing impact pets can have on our lives, Diane James says: “It’s not just assistance dogs, but all pets can give you a form of companionship treatment, it can be therapy to improve your social, emotional or cognitive abilities and we’ve known even horses, for example, to provide this. “We’ve rehomed horses at Blue Cross where we had a case of a young lady who didn’t want to brush her hair, but when she saw a horse being groomed it encouraged her to brush her hair. “It’s the joy they bring us, but it is also the social and emotional things they bring into our lives that are great.”  

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