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Episode notes

Our guest on the show today is Top Entrepreneur Mentor and Business Architect, Mike Zeller, his businesses have generated more than 9 figures in sales. He is the creator of the Zone of Genius course and has been featured on Business Insider, Forbes, and Fox Radio multiple times. Mike has studied alongside leaders such as Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and Jay Abraham.

Mike has had to pivot and shift many times to overcome business failures and find success in the lessons.

In this episode, we talk about Mike’s journey of intentional goal setting and progression after every hurdle. Listen in to learn the importance of designing your environment by surrounding yourself with impactful relationships to achieve success.

 Some Questions Asked:

  • [5:23] How did you start down this path?
  • [9:51] Give us some of the highlights of what you learned studying with world leaders, and what surprised you about it?
  • [16:10] Talk to us about how you overcome business failure. You've had a lot of them.
  • [34:20] Do you have a time where you experienced this pivot point?
  • [41:07] With leaving those disrupted markets, are you now entering eCommerce and branding on a typical pattern or as a disruptor?
  • [46:21] What are some of the things that you’ve done that you will continue to do to help make you successful, and you’re really intentional about it?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [5:31] Mike describes how and when he got into the business of entrepreneur mentoring and coaching.
  • [10:01] How learning with the world leaders helps you show up confidently in your relationships.
  • [14:10] How to be your environment designer for inevitable success.
  • [16:25] The value of viewing business failures as lessons and a chance for progress.
  • [23:25] How to position yourself in your business for optimal success- staying in your lane of genius.
  • [34:24] Mike describes his pivot moment as when he discovered he was investing in dying industries and had to change that quick.
  • [38:24] He explains how the cause of giving cars to single mothers came about.
  • [41:15] Why you should think about the blue ocean strategy when choosing an industry to invest in.
  • [46:29] 3 tips on how to be intentionally successful in your goals.
  • [53:38] The power of leading yourself first before leading others. 


  •  “You’ve got to be a good student for the right coach.”- April [9:22]
  • “If you look at most people who experience extraordinary things, they’re usually in extraordinarily right positions.”- Mike [29:31]
  • “Do whatever it takes to put yourself in higher levels states, higher levels environments, pay what you got to, invest the time that you have to, and you will shift by default.”- Mike [49:50]

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