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Episode notes

Our guest today is the founder of Remarkable Resilience and a personal brand strategist with the Brand Builders Group, Kristen Cullen. She’s worked with NYT bestselling authors, health and wellness experts, award-winning and internationally recognized attorneys, physicians, lifestyle mentors, 7-figure entrepreneurs, and influencers. She’s passionate about personal branding and teaching people how not to give up and be resilient in telling their stories.

In this episode, we discuss how Kristen used her resourcefulness and resilience to tell her story and help others do the same too. Listen in to learn the power of personal branding and defining your avatar to grow and scale your business.

To learn more about Brand Builders Group or to book a free call with Kristen go to www.pivot-me.com/brand 

 Some Questions Asked:

  • [4:25] Talk about navigating uncertainty?
  • [7:18] How does your resourcefulness and your resilience influence what you do today?
  • [13:05] Explain what an avatar is and why it is so important to speak to that?
  • [16:35] Talk about what a personal brand is and why it is so important?
  • [30:09] Walk us through the pieces that Brand Builders focus on and who you’re right for.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [2:42] Kristen talks about her personal and professional background, plus how she started helping people build their personal brands.
  • [4:29] How to be resourceful by figuring things out, to get to where you want to be.
  • [5:57] Learn to give yourself time to feel the negative feelings and then pivot to what’s possible.
  • [7:34] How Kristen serves her clients with encouragement and resilience.
  • [11:24] How to effectively communicate and serve your identified audience through personal branding.
  • [13:11] The importance of creating an avatar for your business to focus on.
  • [16:40] Kristen explains how they help people build their personal brands and the importance of it.
  • [24:25] The five factors that Kristen and her team put in place when helping clients build personal brands.
  • [30:25] The ways that Brand Builders help their clients intentionally build personal brands and scale-up.
  • [35:10] Kristen talks about her remarkable resilience and how she recognized the value of her story.
  • [38:20] Why Kristen is committed for people not to give up on themselves.
  • [39:31] She talks about the future of Brand Builders in serving people in 2021.



  • “Everything you need is right in front of you; you just have to figure it out.”- Kristen [5:09]
  • “It’s very easy to be victimized by our circumstances.”- Kristen [5:58]
  • “If there’s confusion in your content then, there is confusion in who you’re looking to work with.”- Kristen [25:55]
  • “Who you are today is best suited to serve who once were.”- Kristen [35:24]


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