April Garcia's PivotMe / 89. Solve Your Biggest Problem in a Day, Who not How, Shortcut Success

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Episode notes

Have you heard of the ‘who not how’ principle? It states that before you ask yourself how to solve your problem, ask yourself who do you know that can help you solve it. The principle is designed as a shortcut to your success- to help you get there faster by asking the right questions.

In this episode, April combines her principle of ‘your greatest problem can be solved in a day by someone you know’ and the ‘who not how’ principles. Listen in to learn how to accelerate your business and life growth by finding and forming a partnership with your ‘who’.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [1:22] Make it a routine to ask yourself ‘who do I already know that could solve this problem for me?’
  • [4:27] How to start asking the right questions in life and business by borrowing someone else’s genius to accelerate your growth exponentially.
  • [6:55] Read the Who Not How book to understand how to allow a partnership between you and your ‘who’.
  • [10:10] Where to find your ‘who’ by thinking of the category of your problem and then crowdsourcing your network.
  • [12:04] Identify a problem you’re facing right now, be clear with the goal, and then ask yourself who you know that can help you with it. 


  • “Asking who is more than just delegation, it’s borrowing someone else’s genius.” [5:19]
  • “There’s a better faster way, never be limited in your goals and ambitions because the key to the solution is finding your ‘who’. [7:24]
  • “We only stop progressing if we stop taking the small consistent steps towards greatness.” [10:00]

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