Pocket Symphony: A Beach Boys Podcast / 2. Meet The Beach Boys

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“There’s drugs, there’s sex, there’s girls! There’s an evil psychiatrist who tries to take over his life! There’s marriage and divorce and family drama and cousins trying to sue each other. There’s intergenerational trauma, fast cars, there’s John Stamos, and very questionable haircuts! What more could you want? You could not write a fiction this compelling if you tried!”

You know ‘em, you love ‘em, you might love to hate ‘em! They’re the Beach Boys! Rosie and Krista introduce the classic lineup of “America’s Band” and their movie focus this season: the 2015 film Love & Mercy. Rosie brings up the Jonas Brothers for the first time on the pod and Krista forgets Heath Ledger’s name for a minute straight. Both hosts do their best to describe Beach Boys vocal parts.


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