Pocket Symphony: A Beach Boys Podcast / 4. (OH!) DARLIN’: The Beach Boys vs. The Beatles

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“Resurrected like some Hawaiian shirt-clad phoenix every ten years or so, the Beach Boys became the act as synonymous to boomer nostalgia as the Beatles are to youth counterculture.”

As soon as Beatlemania hit US airwaves, the Beach Boys were pitted against the mop-topped Fab Four… even though The Beach Boys formed first. Throughout the early 60s, the bands exchanged iconic albums like knock-out punches, with each release forcing the opposing group back to the studio to prepare for the next round. The rivalry between the Beach Boys and the Beatles gave us some of the most iconic music of the decade, but by its end, only one was left standing — and it’s not the one you think. Krista tells Rosie the origin story of her favorite boy band and how a break-up might’ve been the best thing that ever happened for their legacy. Rosie confuses George Harrison and George Martin (fair) and Krista admits that this whole thing was improv.


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