Pocket Symphony: A Beach Boys Podcast / 3. I GET AROUND: How the Boys Sold the Beach

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“They take up the mantle of being ‘America’s band’ while writing albums overseas, and secure that reputation by becoming peak boomer nostalgia music for an era where gas was cheap, roads were wide open, and the ocean was a playground if you had the privilege of rebellion.”

Don’t touch that dial! We’re about to put you onto some hot rod music. The Beach Boys hit it big by riding the wave — pun fully intended — of California culture spreading across the country. But were they really surfers? Or just total posers? Rosie tells Krista about the 60s car culture craze and special guest Rayanne Piaña joins in to teach us the not-so-secret history of surfing. Rosie reveals the sheer number of Beach Party movies she watched as “research” and Krista shares her favorite section of Mandy Moore’s classic bop “Candy.” Both hosts think they could’ve written the Beach Boys’ first single “Surfin.’” 


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