Pocket Symphony: A Beach Boys Podcast / 7. LOVE AND MERCY: Brian & Britney

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Episode notes

"Kind of wild that every major public update on Brian’s well-being occurs on the Beach Boys’ album cycle, almost like the capitalist desire to keep him working overrides the desire to keep him healthy. Makes you think, huh?"

CW: This episode deals with the subject of physical and mental abuse. The movie LOVE & MERCY details some of that abuse, and those scenes will be recapped in this episode.

It's our mid-season finale, and we finally tackle the elephant in the room — Brian's fraught relationship with Dr. Eugene Landy. In order to paint the picture more clearly, we've dug into years of archival research and set parallel paths between Brian and Britney's stories to uncover the dark side of the spotlight. Rosie talks Britney while Krista talks Brian, and both draft their favorite Brian Wilson track.



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