Pocket Symphony: A Beach Boys Podcast / 5. GOD ONLY KNOWS: Who Owns the Beach Boys' Legacy?

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“We’ve come a long way from Hawthorne, California, and now the Boys are handing over their literal likenesses to a company that’s willing to give them the Tupac treatment so that Mike Love can finally put the band to rest.”

Oh no! The podcast has gone on so long that we’re now in the later, more commercial stages of our career! 2021 marks sixty years of the Beach Boys and ongoing efforts to capitalize on the band’s legacy, even if that means… a future hologram tour? Rosie takes Krista on a wild ride of “God Only Knows” covers that tell the commercial history of the band and the many bumps in the road along the way. Rosie untangles the mess of the Beach Boys’ legacy by revisiting a 2017 trip to Elvis’ Graceland and Krista can’t stop thinking about the phrase “Mamma Mia! for boys.” Both hosts wholeheartedly stan the Bowie cover. 


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