Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective / 6.18: Kennedy and Heidi

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Episode notes

Pack your bags for Vegas and get "comfortably numb" (buttons optional) with Poda Bing's ode to Kennedy and Heidi. Don't forget your glasses!

Selected topics discussed/References made:

George Michael, Bob Seger, An Inconvenient Truth, Drazen Petrovic, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Keith Van Horn, Randall Pearson, Mare of Easttown, Hannibal Lecter, Phantogram, Doug Ross, Triple Double record, Ludicrous Mode, Pablo Neruda, "From Beirut to Jerusalem", Ian Bremmer, Charlie Rose, Arab-Israeli geopolitics, Caravaggio, Tom Misch, She & Him, David Lynch, The Rider, Coldplay and more!

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