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How Ali Hylton Grew Their Podcast by Leveraging Fans and Word of Mouth

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Episode notes

In this episode, we chat with Ali Hylton, producer of Dining in the Void, to learn how they grew their podcast by leveraging fans & word-of-mouth.


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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode
  • Finance your podcast with Crowdfunding.
    • Season 1 can be hard to crowdfund, so consider producing it on a volunteer basis.
  • If you do get volunteers, be upfront that this is a volunteer-run show.
  • It’s ok to take long breaks between seasons.
    • If you do, consider posting updates from time-to-time
  • Consider creating a companion blog, on something like Tumblr, to post updates, post fan art, etc.
  • Leverage a chat platform like Discord
    • Create your own Discord server to further engage with fans.
    • Leverage other Discord communities to help promote your show.
  • Join a network of shows in the same genre to get…
    • Marketing support
    • Cross-promotion of shows
    • Cross-promotion of crowdfunding campaigns

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